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8 Places to Bring Your BTR Stool This Summer

1. The park with your friends

 Summertime is great for spending time with your friends outside. Next time you meet your friends for a game of basketball, or spike ball in the park, pop your BTR Stool into your backpack before you head out so you can rest your legs when you need to sub in & sub out of the game.

2. Music Festivals

Music festivals are a ton of fun, and it's exciting to have them back, but it also can be a lot of walking without anywhere to take a break. The BTR Stool fits  in a tote bag. Take it along with you to your next fest and gain some leverage in the back while still enjoying the music, or take a seat while waiting in line to get in! 

3. Traveling

People are cautiously starting to travel again. With the increase in demand, leads to a risk of long lines, delayed flights, and a lot of waiting. The BTR Stool easily fits in carry-on baggage and may be the friend you need when you feel you have been waiting forever on a layover.

4. Van or Car Camping

Deciding “what you need" versus "what you want" is a question you must ask when planning a camping trip. BTR Stool's compact storage makes it easy to store in the side door of your vehicle - that way, you don't have to compromise your space. You can take a quick seat at the scenic viewpoints along your road trip hassle-free.

5. Disc Golf

Maybe you're looking to try a new activity or are already a Disc Golf pro. Either way, there comes a time when you'll have to sit out & wait your turn. The BTR Stool fits in the water bottle holder of your disc bag, so you don't have to worry about an extra item to carry around.

6. Kayaking/SUPing

You can find some pristine locations on a kayak or SUP adventure. You could stay there all day & enjoy the scenery, but sometimes the rocky shore makes sitting an uncomfortable option. Strap the BTR Stool under the bungees of the paddle-board, or store it inside the kayak. The light weight of the BTR allows you to take it on board without adding too much load.

7. Bike-packing 

Minimalism is essential in bike-packing, the extra weight of taking a chair on the trip can build up over time in the saddle. If you're the kind of person who appreciates a seat after a long ride, then consider taking the BTR Stool with you on your next bike-packing trip. The BTR's lightweight, compact storage fits most water bottle holders or frame bags.

8. Backcountry Camping 

The BTR Stool doesn't have to be a luxury item in the backcountry! Strap it to the outside of your backpack or water bottle holder & head to camp! Enjoy a seat along the trail for a quick snack break or rest your legs when you get to camp.

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