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Sustainability is one of Hillsound's core values. We believe that outdoor experiences are for all. Our mission is to improve accessibility so everyone can experience the benefits of spending time in nature. To continue this mission, we understand that we must take action against the climate crisis to protect our natural areas for current & future generations to come.


In 2021, we launched our Packstack™  product line. Our design team had sustainability in mind throughout the process of creating Packstacks, from the materials sourced to the final packaging. We sourced bluesign®-certified materials and avoided any plastic on the packaging of PackStack™, including single-use polybags.


responsible packaging movement

In 2021, we joined prAna's responsible packaging movement to work towards eliminating plastic virgin forest fiber from our supply chain. In the first six months, we avoided 10kg of plastic from ending up in landfills & oceans. We know that this is just the start. We are inspired by the community of brands within the packaging movement to continue improving our processes.

“Sustainability is one of our core company values and a central pillar of the design process – and nowhere is this more true than product packaging, from the start of the product development process, we have packaging in mind and work to make it useful, reusable, or at the very least, recyclable. Now, we’re taking another step toward sustainability. Despite the challenges, we will continue to push forward and incorporate sustainability into the very core of design ethos.”

- Eric Goodwin Creative Lead at Hillsound Equipment

wear & repair

We design our products as durable as possible, making them long-lasting to reduce the carbon footprint of re-producing a new product. We also offer repair services and spare parts when possible to minimize the need to re-purchase and also improve outdoor experiences.

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