Be inspired! Personal stories from our Ambassadors (Part 3) - [Canada] Hillsound Equipment

Be inspired! Personal stories from our Ambassadors (Part 3)

Stevie Kremer Hillsound Brand Ambassador Trail Running Marathon NYC

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Stevie Kremer on how she stays connected to the outdoors and keeps active during COVID-19 restrictions

As you might know since before, Stevie Kremer is a Salomon athlete and professional trail runner based in the US. She started mountain / trail running some 10 years ago and also got into skiing and ski mountaineering eight years ago. Last but not least, she is also a mum to Hans - a two year old adventurer; "Family is always the most important and being outside with them is the topper. The most memorable adventure from last year was to hike on skis with my son”.


Where in the world are you located at the moment? 

- Crested Butte, Colorado - US.

When did you start to feel the impact of COVID-19?

- March 13th (my son's 2nd birthday) is when the school I worked at went to online learning.

What plans did you have before COVID-19 recommendations and restrictions came into place? Did you need to cancel or have your plans been postponed? 

- I had planned to race around not only Colorado, but other places in the world. But just because the races are cancelled doesn't mean I've stopped running! 

How do you stay connected to the outdoors now - any tips to our readers/community on things to do and how to stay motivated? 

- The outdoors are not closed. I think it is so important to continue going outside every day. Even if certain trails are closed, it's a time to get creative and be grateful that running is a sport one can do anywhere. 

Have you figured out ways to stay active - any workout regime you could share with our readers/community?

- I haven't changed my routine since we went to stay-home-regulations. I still get up at 5:00 AM and go for a run. I think keeping routines is so important. 

What is the first thing you are planning to do when it's safe to head outdoors again?

- I would love to run up some mountains :-) 


Tips, check out this for more inspiration! 

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Stevie Kremer - Team Captain for the EndoFund @NYC Marathon 2020

We also want to highlight that Stevie Kremer has teamed up with ‘The Endometriosis Foundation of America’ to increase the awareness around endometriosis. She is doing this by taking on the role as the Team Captain for the EndoFund Team at NYC Marathon planned for November this year.

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