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Black Friday vs. Green Friday?

Our 3 Best Tips For Staying Sustainable This Holiday Season

Most of you have heard of Black Friday, but Green Friday is the new kid everyone wants to know.

Black Friday discounts are hard to resist, resulting in impulsive shopping and a large influx of people purchasing products they don’t really want or need. This causes massive waste and unnecessary CO2 emissions, which is not the gift we want to give this holiday season.

Since 2015, Green Friday has been getting more and more traction. What is it? Green Friday encourages consumers to avoid the promotional frenzy and alternatively shop ethically and sustainably while being mindful of their needs. Black Friday deals are often held in the big box stores causing chaos and rash decision-making among consumers.

These powerful big box stores also have the capability to discount their bulk products much lower than a local small business can compete with. This leaves your community businesses threatened even more than usual.

We are not saying to boycott Black Friday altogether, but if you rely on this promotion during your holiday shopping, try to keep the following things in mind.

Make a budget

Think before you spend. Creating a realistic budget will help you to avoid exhausting your wallet and the environment.

Make a list

Think of what you actually need. Impulse buying is easy to avoid if you go into a sale knowing exactly what you’re looking for. 

Make it count

Shop local. When you choose to spend your money at a local business, you are boosting your local economy and investing in your community and neighborhood. A gift that keeps on giving!


That being said, outdoor gear is expensive! We completely understand that there is a high amount of privilege in place for those who can purchase regular price outdoor gear at any other time of the year. If Black Friday is your time to get that new equipment you’ve been dreaming of finally, there’s no shame in that!


Shop responsibly, not impulsively.


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