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Tips! How to care for your Hillsound Equipment gear

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  • Remove your crampons from your boots. Never store your crampons on your footwear as this may cause the steel to rust or the rubber to dry out and snap.
  • Rinse your crampons in cool water. Lay them out to dry completely.
  • Once crampons are dry, fold them with spikes facing inwards and store in your Spikeeper or crampon bag.
  • Keep your crampons in a cool, dry place.
  • For extended care, you may apply synthetic or natural oil to the stainless steel chains. This will help ward off rust. We recommend doing this at the end of the season, or as often as you see fit.



  • If your gaiters are dirty, you can hand wash them in warm water with a mild soap. Using a DWR specific cleanser like Nikwax Tech Wash can extend the life of the DWR coating on the product.
  • Hang your gaiters to dry.
  • Once dry, store your gaiters with zippers and velcro closed.


The BTR Stool

  • Always make sure legs are clean and free from debris before collapsing.
  • After an especially muddy trip, remove the mesh seat and machine wash in cold water.
  • Hang to dry. Avoid heat as it can warp the fabric.
  • Ensure your BTR is dry before extended storage.

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