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The Best Outdoor Adventure Books

Find yourself craving an outdoor adventure but can’t seem to find the time? With the holidays being busy and the days short, getting outside can feel challenging. In the meantime, reading books can be a great way to escape into an adventure or get inspired to plan one for the future. We asked our Hillsound ambassadors to share some of their favorite books that keep them inspired while waiting for their next adventure. Here is what they came up with: 


For thru-hikers:


Looking for a hike to tag along on? The Unlikely Thru-Hiker takes you on a Lugo’s resilient journey as he travels along the Appalachian Trail. Recommended by a true thru-hiker herself, ambassador Heather Anderson who also completed the Appalachian Trail herself, and wrote about it too! For more Appalachian Trail adventures, check out Heather's book as well: Mud, Rocks, Blazes: Letting Go on the Appalachian Trail 

For endurance athletes:


Recommended by ultra-running ambassador Sarah Korpach, Training for the Uphill Athlete is pretty much an encyclopedia for mountain athletes looking to improve their training efforts. If you have found yourself with more downtime than usual this winter, reading Training for the Uphill Athlete could be a great opportunity to learn how to maximize your mountain adventures for when you  have the chance to get back into training.
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Have you ever heard of fell-running? Picture off-road, uphill running through all kinds of rugged terrain. Richard Askwith will expose you to this unique sport. Read this if you’re looking for inspiration to try something new. Recommended by Jeff Pelletier.

For nature lovers: 


Are you seeking a new perspective? Recommended by Hillsound ambassador Sarah Korpach, this book will allow you to escape from the screens and dive into science on how deeply rooted our connection is with nature. This book will leave  you with a new outlook on your surroundings the next time you spend in the forest.

For planners:


For Hillsound, this book hits close to home! David Crerar highlights the history of our local mountains surrounding Vancouver. It provides routes that allow for all kinds of adventures within them. Consider this book if you plan to explore British Columbia this upcoming season. Regardless, this book will inspire you to make a trip. (Recommended by ambassadors Jeff Pelletier and Sarah Korpach )

Adventure Ready by Katie Gerber & Heather Anderson

Available to pre-order for June 1, Hillsound Ambassador Heather Anderson  and thru-hiker Katie Gerber have created a guide to becoming resilient for outdoor adventurers. Pre-order Adventure Ready if you're looking for some motivation to get outside this summer!

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