Hillsound river traction

Originally Posted on June 7, 2014

Hillsound- the leading producer of winter traction equipment and gaiters for urban and outdoor enthusiasts—is excited to announce that the FreeSteps6 is ideal for more than just winter sports. The lightweight traction device has recently gained popularity with anglers as river crampons. In light of this new discovery, Hillsound is letting retailers and consumers know about the benefits of the FreeSteps6 as an eco-friendly and easy-on-and-off fishing crampon option.


“Our team has tested the product in local rivers and guides and retail buyers have tested it in the waters of Wyoming, Montana, and the Midwest,” said Sales and Marketing Manager Jess Greinke. “Excellent performance feedback coupled with an extremely affordable price point makes the FreeSteps6 a very competitive market choice.”


While felt-soled boots have long been the industry norm, invasive species frequently embed within the sole and can be transferred from one spot to the next. Additionally, traditional screw-in studs can be a hassle to get in and out, often resulting in boat damage. The FreeSteps6 solves both problems while offering additional advantages including ergonomic design, the ability to easily slip on and off, and metal spikes that cannot be felt through the sole.


Other fishing footwear options can be heavy, expensive, ill fitting, and wear down quickly. But perhaps the most enticing aspect of the stainless steel FreeSteps6 is the remarkably competitive price point of MSRP $39.99 compared to river crampons, shoes with built-in studs, and cleated overshoes that range anywhere from $99.00 – $170.00.


Additional product attributes include minimalist ¼-inch spikes crafted from lightweight, fully-optimized stainless steel, evenly dispersed weight over the 21 spikes for improved resistance against wear and tear, and a thermo-plastic harness that maintains pliability even in sub-freezing temperatures.

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