Interview with Hillsound Ambassador Stevie Kremer

Originally Posted on October 27, 2014

We caught up with one of our ambassadors after her very successful run at the Limone Extreme Skyrace. Here’s what she had to say:

H: Hi Stevie! Congratulations for placing second in the Limone Extreme Skyrace! We’re always excited to hear about your races! How do you feel?

S: Thank you 🙂 I feel great! Although the weather wasn’t the greatest, the excitement of the event and the awesome people (both spectators and racers) make it an incredible race 🙂


H: When did you start running competitively and what drove you to do so?

S: I started running competitively about 4-5 Summers ago where I stayed in Colorado and raced locally. My first international race was August 2012 in Sierre Zinal, Switzerland.

H: Other than ski mountaineering and endurance running, are there any other sports you enjoy? Any college sports you were a part of?

S: I love to golf and play tennis 🙂

H: You must have adopted extremely healthy habits as a lifestyle by now. What does staying active and healthy mean to you?

S: I love to be active everyday-whether that’s running, skiing, playing tennis or golf or just being outside. And I try to eat healthy, but that doesn’t mean any big diets or anything, but rather I try not to shovel cupcakes in my mouth all day everyday…gummy bears on the other hand… :-/

H: Do you have any guilty pleasures when you’re not intensively training for a race?

S: Not really…. I love to have a beer on a sunny deck surrounded by good friends or family! (But I do that whether or not I’m training. 🙂 )

H: Are there any songs out there that get you pumped up the most? What are your favourites for training?

S: Right now? I love “Roar” by Katy Perry and I love Pink’s “Try”, “Just Give Me a Reason” and “True Love”.

H: What’s the process like for you preparing for a race like this? You don’t need to reveal your personal secrets!

S: I typically get up before my alarm (which is set around 1.5-2 hours before a race) because I’m so nervous, then I put my “race kit” on (which is already set out from the night before) , then I eat something and have a few sips of coffee. About an hour before the race, I’ll go for a bit of a warm up run and eat a bar or something small like that. Then I continue to freak out and the nerves go crazy until the start of the race 🙂


H: You’re from Crested Butte, Colorado – there must be a lot of amazing trails out there! Plus, you’ve ran on trails all around the world. Any local favourites and your all-time favourite trail?

S: Oh Yes, there are SO many favourite trails in Crested Butte, but one of my favourites is the Walrod to Caves Trail Run or the Cart to Cart Trail Run that happens in September when the leaves are changing color-it’s honestly the most amazing run in the world!

H: I know that the ultra-running community is huge (domestically as well as internationally), but I feel that it is also very close knit. Do you get to keep in touch with your fellow runners after these races? You must have seen many familiar faces at this recent one, too?

S: We all keep in touch sporadically but whenever a race happens, it’s like we saw each other just the other day. Everyone is so nice and friendly-we’re just one big happy family 🙂

H: What does competition mean to you?

S: Going out on a race course, putting in all the effort you possibly have and end with a smile on your face, knowing you did your best and that’s all anyone (including yourself) can ask for. Then you have a beer and anything you want to eat because you just had a hard race! (I don’t care what the distance, EVERY race is hard!!!)

H: Thank you for your time Stevie! We can’t wait to hear from you about your next event!

S: Thank YOU!

Stevie Kremer has been titled SKYRUNNER® WORLD SERIES CHAMPION. Another HUGE congratulations to our friend!

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