FlexSteps™ Crampons
FlexSteps™ Crampons
FlexSteps™ Crampons
FlexSteps™ Crampons
FlexSteps™ Crampons
FlexSteps™ Crampons
FlexSteps™ Crampons
FlexSteps™ Crampons
FlexSteps™ Crampons

FlexSteps™ Crampons

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Reliable and versatile chain-free crampons / ice cleats that performs exceptionally well on icy sidewalks in an urban environment as well as slippery trails when winter jogging or dog walking. The sleek design is not only appealing but also gives you the option to use a variety of footwear; casual shoes, trail runners, hiking shoes (flexible soles), hiking boots (rigid soles) and insulated boots. These less aggressive crampons are fitted with 18 low profile, high impact, stainless steel spikes and flexible spike plates which gives you a good grip on icy surfaces, freedom of movement and high level of comfort. The riveted attachment points are there for long lasting performance and the velcro strap for added security so you can feel confident when heading out - knowing the crampons will stay secure underfoot. They come with a carry bag so you can keep them ready in your bag, backpack or car and bring them out as needed. 

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Patented in Canada , U.S & Japan



  • Versatile: Combine with a variety of footwear
  • Reliable grip and comfortable: Stainless steel spikes are dispersed across a broad area
  • Quick and easy to put on and take off: Broad step-in area, no chains or metal toe bar, permanently attached velcro strap
  • Secure fit: Velcro strap and textured elastomer harness (inside) for extra grip to the shoe
  • Durable design: Riveted attachment points



  • Stainless steel spikes
  • Elastomer harness
  • Poly-Urethane footplates


  • Size M (pair): 348g [12.3oz]


  • Length: 0.7cm [1/4”]
  • Number of spikes: 18


  • Gray

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Customer Reviews

Based on 65 reviews
Not for all Surfaces

I was just on the site to order up another pair and read some reviews out of curiosity. I think the issues some people are having with these spikes 'narrow' 'broken spikes' 'quickly worn out' is because in my experience these spikes are only suitable for icy snowy trail I have a few different pairs each for different surfaces. In my opinion these are fabulous spikes especially for that sticky snow that clumps but never on rocks or pavement. The only reason I have to buy another pair is mine got stolen out of my truck.

Hey Lesley, thanks for your awesome review on the FlexSteps! We appreciate you taking the time to share your experience and expertise. Happy trails!

Steve lee
Ideal spikes

An excellent product. Walking on ice is now no problem. The flex steps are super and give me lots of confidence to venture out on icy surfaces.

Hi Steve, thanks for leaving us a great review! We are so glad to hear that your FlexSteps are giving you the confidence to stay upright this winter!

Highly recommended

I'm delighted with these. I just got back from a walk on a mountain trail that was essentially sheer ice, and I found the crampons stable, secure, and comfortable to walk on. The harness is much kinder on leather boots than a traditional chain harness, and the velcro strap really is the crowning detail. Nothing moved or shifted on an 8 km walk, and the spikes dit not alter my normal gait. Highly recommended. I will probably buy a smaller pair for my hiking shoes in the spring.

Hi Stephanie, thank you for the great 5-star review! We are so glad your FlexSteps kept you secure, safe, and stable on the icy mountain trails. We hope you get lots of wear out of them this winter!

Dennis Chamberlain
Sure grip

I have been wearing icers over four years and the Flex works great in all types of snow, wet, frozen and also great on ice..

Hi Dennis, thanks for leaving us a great review! We are happy that the FlexSteps are making your winter commutes safer. Happy trails!

Safe stepping

So far they are great - I take 8.5 womens hiking boot and bought the small. They were a little tight the first couple of times I put them on but I've either got better at doing it or they've loosened up a teeny tiny smidge. They don't slip around. We have used them every day in the trails since we got them (about a week) in new snow/packed snow/ice and so far so good. The true test will be next year - we have dogs so they will get used every day until sometime in March (it's December now). Other brands have fallen apart with use or the snow bunches up between them & the shoe. These appear to be better quality. I also have heavy duty chain/spikes but the spikes are longer and one wrong move (*&%# dogs) and I trip over my own feet - sort of negating the whole point. So far this hasn't happened and I've remained upright.

Hi Fiona, thanks for taking the time to leave us a great 5-Star Review! We are happy to know our product will help you get outdoors safely (especially with your dogs!) To improve the longevity of your FlexSteps we recommend rarely walking on dry pavement as that is what wears down spikes over time. Happy trails!