Gaiters: Care Guide

All of our gaiters are waterproof, breathable and crafted to keep snow, mud and water out of your shoes and lower legs. They are made to last for a long time, but need your care between outings to keep their peak performance. 

After using your gaiters in snowy, muddy or rainy conditions, lay them flat or hang them to let them dry. Once dry, take them outside and give them a shake to let potential dirt come off. If you rather rinse them off in freshwater and let them hang-dry or dry on a flat surface you can do so too. 

How often you would need to properly wash them with a cleaning treatment like Nikwax all depends on how heavy and how often you use your gaiters. Our gaiters are equipped with a Durable Water Repellency (DWR) finish on the outer fabric of your gaiters and depending on how you use them and how often you use them this might wear off over time. But this shouldn't be an issue if you take proper care of them.

This is how we recommend you to wash your gaiters if they are considerably dirty:

1. Put them in a laundry bag to avoid any parts potentially getting stuck in your washing machine

2. Use a Nikwax Tech Wash and wash your gaiters in low water temperature. This Nikwax Tech Wash is specifically created to clean waterproof breathable fabrics and revitalise existing Durable Water Repellency (DWR). Read Nikwax's instructions carefully before use

3. If you at some point need to re-waterproof your gaiters, Nikwax has a solution called TX.Direct Wash-In that can be used on our gaiters.

Grangers is another option to Nikwax.

4. Once the washing cycle has finished, hang-dry or put your gaiters flat to dry

5. Once dry, store your gaiters with zippers and velcro closed.

We recommend you to avoid making any alterations to your gaiters. If you experience punctures or tears in the fabric, we recommend you to use a repair kit (fabric patches) from GORE -TEX. No sewing needed, just use pressure to apply the patch. There are several dealers online selling these repair kits and they are also widely available in sports and outdoor shops too. If you have any questions around a warranty or repair, please contact