Kui - Hiking | Camping [USA]


Kui Hillsound Equipment AmbassadorAs a former college athlete, I would do whatever I could to stay indoors because I had an aversion to getting dirty. These days, I’d rather be outdoors in various capacities. As an avid hiker and backpacker, on the weekends I can be found somewhere in the backcountry. My current goal this summer is to do more sunset hikes, not only to avoid the crowds, but to get another perspective on the beauty of nature and that alpine glow. I’ve also incorporated yoga into my life and this has brought my awareness to a whole new level. This is my wild.

People often ask for outdoor tips, which I am more than willing to provide. The best tip I can give anyone is: nature is for everyone but please educate yourself on leave no trace principals and respect the outdoors. Nature is a gift we must take care of, for years to come.