Advice from Anish – 5 Essentials for Edge Season in the Mountains

Originally Posted on August 5, 2016


Hillsound brand ambassador and long-distance hiker, Anish Anderson, shares her 5 essential pieces of gear for mountain travel.


I’ll admit, I have a problem: I can’t stay away from the mountains.

Rain or shine I’m out. Running, hiking, climbing, etc. In fact, I get out into the backcountry about 200 days a year. Which means it’s not always perfect conditions. Usually by late Spring I am headed out no matter what as long as avvy conditions are stable. Throughout the Spring, Summer, and Autumn my gear changes to match the conditions and weather as well as the pursuit. While summer is the lightest and easiest gear set, fall and autumn (the edge seasons) require a few key pieces to be safe and comfortable.


Here are my recommendations:

Headlamp: A must have year round, a headlamp (and extra batteries) is essential in the shorter daylight hours when travel may not be as fast due to conditions.

My pick: Black Diamond Storm


Gaiters: Mud, snow, scree…these can all make for uncomfortable feet if they get in the top of your boot or shoe. Wearing gaiters is an easy way to protect yourself from blisters and potential frostbite. Wearing an extended version that protects the calf also can save you from serious injury if you posthole through snow into hidden obstacles such as rocks and trees.

My pick: Hillsound’s Armadillo Series

Stability and Arrest Devices: Walking on snow or in wet mud can easily lead to a fall. Depending on terrain this can be annoying or deadly. Trekking Poles are an easy way to prevent falls on most terrain. For steep snow conditions an ice ax is key.

My picks: Gossamer Gear LT4 Trekking Poles and Camp Corsa Ice Axe


Inclement Weather Clothing: Weather can change on a dime in the edge seasons. Being prepared for sudden rain or cold can literally save your life. I always carry a rain jacket and insulating layer with me.

My picks: Montbell Thermawrap Sport and Outdoor Research Helium II jackets

Traction Devices: In combination with trekking poles traction devices on your feet can keep you there. Depending on the steepness of the terrain and the surface you’re traveling on you’ll want to choose the correct level of traction. Hillsound makes a wide variety of traction devices to meet every need.

My pick: Trail Crampon Pro


With these items and the regular 10 Essentials you should be ready for fun in all 3 seasons!


– Anish

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