Hiking the Pacific Crest Trail: An Interview with Jeppe Kuld

Originally Posted on November 19, 2016

Earlier this year, photographer and self-confessed adventure addict, Jeppe Kuld, set out to complete the United State’s famed Pacific Crest Trail. Starting on the U.S. border with Mexico, Jeppe hiked northwards for 2, 650 miles, crossing three States and another international border at the trail’s terminus in B.C, Canada.

Like many thru-hikers, the inspiration to attempt the long distance trail came at a time of change in Jeppe’s life.

“I was in a place in my life where I needed to do something different – I needed a change! And in the search for what to do I heard about The Pacific Crest Trail – a perfect combination of adventure, challenge, outdoor living and opportunity to take a lot of nature pictures,” Jeppe comments.

Over 139 days, Jeppe made his way through the deserts of California, the deep snows of the Sierra Nevada mountains, the lush forests of Oregon and the craggy Cascade Mountains of Washington.

“The best part of the trail was the people I met along the way, and the hiking in the High Sierra in a snowy year. Maybe the combination of the two things. Hiking in the Sierra Nevada with my new great friends.

“The worst part was about half way. I hiked alone for weeks and got sick, so I was struggling with both mental and physical meltdown,” Jeppe said.

Prior to the hike, Jeppe said he did not have a lot of experience in long-distance hiking. “I didn’t really know what to expect of the trail. The trail was so far away from my everyday life in Denmark. But I did find some of the days tougher than I thought they would be.”

The Pacific Crest Trail is the ultimate gear test, and Jeppe came away with some new-found insight on vital items and others that he’d leave behind next time.

“My best piece of equipment was the Patagonia Nano Air jacket – when it was cold I even slept in it. The worst piece was my tough and heavy hiking pants. They are made for the Scandinavian wilderness not the PCT, so I sent them home.”

And the best trail meal? “Annie’s mac and cheese topped with nuts,” Kuld said.

For now, Jeppe is back in Denmark continuing his work as an art director and working on his blog, A Kuld World. But he won’t be stationary long.

“I am always searching for my next adventure and only time will tell where I’m going next. But right now I’m planning a trip to The Faroe Islands.”

You can read more about Jeppe’s adventures on his blog and follow him on Instagram. 

Jeppe used the Armadillo LT gaiters and Trail Crampon Ultra spikes on the trail.

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